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Himalayan Pink Salt
​From the fresh water lakes of the Himalayas, this pink salt is packed with 84 trace minerals. It can rejuvenate skin cells and balance the body's pH.
Pure Dead Sea Salt
Dead Sea Salt is considerd the purest salt on earth and is well known for its therapeutic benefits. It's rich with minerals including magnesium, which is cleansing and detoxifying.

Life's simple pleasures include relaxing in a hot bath or just soaking your feet while watching TV or reading your favourite book. Our bath salts will not only soak away the aches and pains of a stressful day, they will infuse your skin with minerals and nutrients. They also contain essential oils, creating an aromatherapy treat for your whole body!
​Our salts are of the highest grade, with 10 varieties to choose from. Each comes in a reusable glass container.
  Soak Combinations:
  Himalayan Pink Salt
  Pure Dead Sea Salt
  Cold and Flu
  Muscle Relax (blue)
  Fresh Rain (green)
  Grapefruit-Mandarin (orange)
  Bergamont (pink)
  Dead Sea & Himalayan Salts
  Three Salt Combo 
  Three Salt Combo Tropical

  All salts are $24.00   16 oz  

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