Dead Sea Salt with Blueberry Seeds
We use only the purest salt from the dead sea combined with 
Organic Blueberry seeds  and a hint of peppermint essental oil.
​As well as delivering Vitamins, nutrients and Antioxidants this scrub will leave your body feeling smooth and relaxed and your sinses clear.

List price          28.00        8oz

As we age, our body no longer produces skin cells as quickly as it once did. Old skin cells pile up on the surface, causing skin to feel rough and appear dull. Exfoliation is important not only to remove dead, dry skin but to allow nutrients and essential vitamins to penetrate more deeply into the new cells below, revealing fresher, smoother skin.
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Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
This is a fine grade salt scrub full of nutrients and vitamins along
with the finest essential oils. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and polished.

List price      28.00         8oz
White Sugar Scrub
For you sugar lovers out there, we combined this fine grade sugar with organic oils.
Your skin will feel A-MAY'S-ING!

List price       28.00       8oz
                $30 OR MORE
Caffeine has long been known for cellulite reduction and increasing blood circulation, which is important for new skin cell growth.
Along with Dead Sea Salt, this butter scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.

List Price      28.00    8oz
​Coffee Butter Scrub
Blueberry Butter Scrub
​Blueberries are high in antioxidants as well as nutrients and essential vitamins. Along with pure Dead Sea Salt and organic extracts,this sweet smelling scrub will leave your skin smooth and polished.

List Price       28.00      8oz