Organic Coconut-Orange Hand and Body Cream
This is our best-selling product, with its warm hints of the tropics. Organic extra virgin coconut oil is the base for this luxurious hydrator. It's good for all skin types, in both summer and winter.

List price   28.00         4oz

We believe in hydration, hydration, hydration, which is why every May's cream is like nature's smoothie for  your skin, creating a healthy glow from head to toe. Our creams are made fresh with organic ingredients and in small batches to ensure maximum nutrition for every skin type.

We also believe that less is more, which is why we use only the essential ingredients needed to make our products; fillers aren't part of the formula.  

It's never too soon or too late to start taking the best possible care of your skin. 

Avocado Butter with Rosemary & Tangerine Oils
Avocado butter is high in fatty acids and vitamins A, D & E.
It significantly increases the soluable collagens found in the skin, and repairs dry, damaged skin. 
Designed for the face & body.

List price  28.00        4oz
​Red Raspberry Face Cream
​Designed for the face & neck, this cream is rich yet light, and high in fatty acids, vitamins A, D & E, antioxidants and tocopherols. It also contains Omegas 3, 6 & 9 along with squalene, which is a naturally occuring substance found in the human skin and is derived 100% from olives.

​List price   34.00       2oz

                 $30 OR MORE
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